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Young Diplomats of Canada

Young Diplomats of Canada works globally and locally to develop the diplomatic leadership and international advocacy experience of Young Canadians, through hands-on training programs and key partnerships which give delegates the opportunity to attend and engage in high-level political and multilateral summits.

Through its international programs and research activities, YDC also seeks to advocate for policies that reflect the viewpoints and best interests of younger generations. This includes direct engagement with government officials and knowledge contributions to other young diplomatic training organizations.


YDC provides hands-on training programs and establishes key partnerships that give their delegates exclusive access to high-level geopolitical and global governance summits including the World Bank & IMF, OECD, UN, NKS, WTO, the Y20 (Youth 20) and the Y7 (Youth 7).


YDC researches and publishes commentary on public and global affairs through the Young Diplomats Journal, and partners with the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs G20 Research Group.


YDC advocates for policies that represent the interests of young people and professionals through direct engagement with government officials and agencies, as well as with international institutions, organizations, and businesses.

To see a list of their previous and current delegations, be sure to visit their website.