The Youth Council Coalition of Canada

Fostering the development, success and influence of Canadian youth councils.

The Youth Council Coalition of Canada (YCC) is committed to supporting youth councils, their members, and their administrators, through tailored resources, professional development opportunities, and networking platforms.

Starting something new, with a mission to make a difference is overwhelming.

Across Canada, youth councils and committees exist at the organizational, municipal, provincial and federal levels while mandates vary. Some councils and committees work in an advisory capacity, others are action committees. Some support youth in policy and program development, event organization, or advocacy efforts.

Until now, no professional body or association worked to ensure the standardized and coordinated approach to youth council development. Recruiting, engaging and maintaining membership, determining a course of action, and fulfilling the mission of these committees is no small feat for any organization. Moreover, these responsibilities are often left to administrators with no outside resource to rely on for inspiration or guidance. That is why, our mission is to support youth and adult allies in creating and maintaining strong youth councils – no matter their missions.

We are developing the tools, network and resources needed to find success and innovative practices that include:

  • Online learning and digital resources
  • Draft and custom founding documents (Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct)
  • Draft and custom presentations and slide decks
  • Digital library of resources and best practices
  • Tailored surveys and results from youth councils across Canada

We are so proud of the work of organizations and the youth that they engage and we cannot wait to provide even more inspiration and opportunities.