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Resource Guide to Community Climate Action

Welcome youth, activists, advocates and allies! We are happy you found us.

This guide is a collaborative effort between The Community Climate Council and the Youth Council Coalition of Canada, who hope to inspire youth and their allies to enact change across their communities. These two organizations were introduced by Professor Anneke Smit, of Cities and Climate Action after their forum in 2020. Professor Smit, more than most, understands and is addressing the need for municipalities and communities to tackle climate change locally and with the help of youth.

Unfortunately for younger Canadians, trying to infiltrate local policy to enact change is difficult, and sometimes ineffective. As climate and youth advocates then, it was essential for our organizations to dedicate time towards understanding policy systems and how youth may be engaged effectively and meaningfully in their development.

We hope that you find this guide inspiring and that you feel better equipped and informed in your efforts to enact change as the co-designers of our future!

Watch our launch and conversation with Dr. Anneke Smit of Windsor Law Cities & Climate Action and Community Climate Council co-founder and president Miranda Baksh here.