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The Hour-for-Hour Challenge

The Youth Council Coalition of Canada is issuing a challenge: provide volunteer hours for meaningful civic engagement opportunities.

It is time to leverage digital media and tools for community engagement and peer socialization. This will support high school students in obtaining their volunteer hours required for graduation – a difficult feat for some during COVID-19.

This initiative seeks to encourage organizations and municipalities to provide hour-for-hour volunteer compensation for high school students who partake in activities such as virtual town hall meetings, webinars provided by organizations, and participating in surveys. Students may be asked to write about their volunteer experience or participate in follow-up surveys and discussion groups.

The YCC will support municipalities and organizations that join The Hour-for-Hour Challenge by:

  • Offering a minimum of bi-monthly webinars for coalition members to support their youth education and engagement
  • Offering a ready-made social media package for member organizations to promote their participation
  • Promoting participating organizations and independent opportunities on social media platforms and our website
  • Accepting and signing off on volunteer hour for students in participating regions where administrators may not have the capacity to do so themselves

Want to learn more about how we were inspired to kick-off this exciting challenge? Read the article below:

Have you accepted the challenge?! Download the photo below, add your logo and tag us on social media @YCC_Canada!