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Welcome to the Youth Council Coalition of Canada (YCC) webpage. We are a not-for-profit working to foster the development, success and influence of Canadian youth councils.

This organisation was created knowing that building and maintaining a youth council can be difficult for everyone involved: youth and their adult allies. Where do we start? Who should take part? How do we make a difference? Who do we work with? How do I access important information? How do we get our community involved? How do we plan events?

So. Many. Questions.

What we are doing now is strengthening our partnerships with other organisations that can provide youth and their mentors with valuable information in a variety of sectors. We will be compiling the information and inviting professionals to provide seminars and learning opportunities so that youth can bring this information back to their communities. Moreover, we will support staff resources and adult allies with the tools and network needed to learn from successful youth councils.

Right now, we are the only organisation to have researched youth councils in Ontario. We know where they exist, who is involved, who leads them and what they’re up to. We are so proud of the work that youth are doing and cannot wait to provide them with even more inspiration and opportunities moving forward.